Title and Abstract

Development of water filtration system for the rural areas
Chen Ting Song , Pansak Jirapong , Celeste Low Xueling
School of Science and Technology, Singapore


Water has been an renewable water resource that people all around the world have to drink daily. I have applied this method in the School Pond of School of Science and Technology, Singapore, Sea Water from the East Coast Park and the Swimming pool water from Parc Oasis. To evaluate the potential of clean drinkable water, I concurrently measured the 3 main parameters of drinking water standards (pH, Nitrates and Phosphates) where water samples were collected and a correlation between water quality parameters was attempted. The results indicated that in general, water is drinkable after the 3 different types of filtration, that are Pomelo, Apple and Activated Carbon having a near perfect pH level. After experimentation, there was evidence to suggest that different fruits have their own functions to improve water quality. A report and a instruction list was developed so that it can be used as a guideline that can be adopted by informed volunteers, governmental organisations, and hobbyists that wants to improve drinking water quality for the rural areas. Such an arrangement can involve more people to contribute as environmental activists to the protection of our water resources. Merits and limitations of the method are also discussed as well as potential directions for future research are highlighted.

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