4. Discussion

Summary of the project 

The experiment proved that the pomelo can reduce the ph of the water from 7.36(ave) to 7.01(ave)proving that pomelos are useful for water filtration but there was no change caused by the apple peels or the activated carbon.

The pomelo serves 2 function one being the acidic thus negating the alkali of the water the second one is that the pomelo has a micro-particle size of 0.01 thus filtering the smaller objects and the activated carbon reduced the smell of the water

The engineering goals was partially fulfilled because we finished the building of the filter after much design fails and also managed to reduce the ph of the water to 7.01 but we did not manage to make the water look nice or drinkable.

The first problem we encountered was that the fruits keeps decaying in the tubes the most feasible way to solve this problem is to keep replacing the fruits after every time. 

The second problem is that the end capping of the tubes were not water proof thus leading to water loss. It can be solved by waxing the surface of the capping.

The third problem was that the tubes used were not of the standard size thus making it difficult to find attachments and modifications to the tube.

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