2. Methods

E.    Method – Description in detail of method or procedures (The following are important and key items that should be included when formulating ANY AND ALL research plans.)

(a) Equipment list:

    1. School Pond’s Water
    2. 8 Apples
    3. Wire Mesh x 1 roll
    4. Acrylic tube x 1m
    5. Hand saw x 1
    6. Waterproof glue x 1
    7. Silicone x 1
    8. Silicone Gun x 1
    9. Hand pump x 2
    10. Fish Tank / Pail x 1
    11. Pomelo x 1
    12. Activated Carbon x 1  
    13. Knife x 1
    14. Chopping Board x 1
    15. Vernier LabQuest 2 Data Logger x 1
    16. Plastic Pipe x 3
    17. 3D Printed Pipe Cap x 3  
    18. PO4-3   (Potassium test)  8 tests
    19. NO3-  (Nitrate test) x 8 tests
    20. Acrylic x 1
    21. Deionised Water x 1 bottle
    22. 70% ethanol x 1 bottle

(b) Diagrams

 Diagram  1

(c) Procedures for building: Detail all procedures for construction of prototype 

  1. Construct three tubes with wire mesh and the connectors. ( the above diagram ) 
  2. Fill up each tube with Pomelo , Banana peel and Activated Carbon respectively 
  3. Close the items inside with plastic mesh
  4. Connect the Acrylic tubes to each other via pipe connectors. 
  5. Connect the pump to the Input and Output of the Pipe. 

(d) Procedures for testing: Detail all procedures for testing of prototype

  • Take a sample of the school Pond’s Water using a beaker.
  • Put the water into the Filter 
  • Test the water out for the pH value using the pH Sensor, Total Phosphates test, Turbidity test, Nitrates test and Total Suspended solids test.
  • See the result.

(e) Risk, Assessment and Management: Identify any potential risks and safety precautions to be taken.

As the experiments involve collecting water, there is a risk of falling into the school pond. 
Have a groupmate nearby to steady/help the person, so as to ensure that He or She does not fall
As the experiment involves mincing Banana peels, there is a risk of cutting of hands.
Have a Group mate to observe the experiment, if anything happens the Group mate can contact a lab assistant for help.
As the experiment involves cutting acrylic Tubes, there is a risk of 
breakage and cutting of the hands.
Wear gloves when carrying out the experiment. In case of breakage, the cut to the hands will be minimized.

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